Delta Electric Adjustable Sit/Stand Workstation

The Delta Electric Straight Desk is an impressive all-use electric desk from Precept Design. Streamlined and generously adjustable, it is a versatile addition to your office space.

This highly adjustable sit/stand desk workstation is ergonomically designed and can accommodate a wide range of people with different height requirements. Height adjustment is easily done to suit anyone or any preference.

At the top of its class, Delta Electric leads the way as the ultimate Electric Sit/Stand Workstation. With a massive 10 year warranty on both the frame and motor, Delta Electric is the choice fit for your workspace. This standing desk features the latest design and a tough European engineered motor, with a vertical adjustment Range of 630-1300mm - perfect for even the tallest person.

  • Brand new Electric Sit/Stand Workstation
  • Available in White frame only
  • Telescopic rail system, making it flexible enough to suit almost any length requirement. - 1500-2100 x 1500-2100mm
  • Height Range 630–1300mm

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adjustable height workstation desk

Improved Comfort with an Adjustable Sit-Stand Workstation

The Delta Electric Straight desk is an adjustable sit and stand workstation. Instead of spending hours hunched over your desk, you can effortlessly adjust its height to suit your preferences, improving both posture and comfort.

Ergonomics plays a crucial role in productivity —discomfort hinders the ability to concentrate, resulting in weaker output. With an adjustable height workstation desk, work-related pain and discomfort is minimised allowing people to work at full capacity.

Battle Sedentary Lifestyles

Modern office work means spending long hours staring at a computer or poring over paperwork. This contributes to a sedentary lifestyle, which may eventually lead to health problems, such as the increased risk of weight gain and cardiovascular disease. Staying seated for extended periods is proven to have detrimental effects on health. The modern work place is now a health conscious environment which promotes well-being as well as work.

A standing desk can help battle the sedentary lifestyle without compromising your productivity. You can burn a few extra calories per day merely by staying on your feet while you work.

Our Delta Electric adjustable desks are perfect for both standing and sitting, giving you more options to lead a healthier life. If you feel tired at any point, just readjust your desk so that you can sit down.