• Two Person Corner Cluster - 2 Screens

    Two Person Corner Cluster - 2 Screens
    Extended Range
    Extended Range
    1800 x 1800mm

    Two Person Corner Cluster - 2 Screens

    Pioneer is a Modern take on the traditional ‘C-leg' Desk System that is based on a telescopic rail system. This makes it flexible enough to suit almost any length requirement. Combined with 50 Series Screens, with the added feature of a Power/Data Duct, this combination provides the ultimate level of flexibility. The Power/Data Duct enables power and data to be integrated within the screen itself. These systems can be re-configured as you grow. With accessories available to organise your desk in an instant you can ensure that everything on your desk has a place. Satin White powdercoat finish and a complete range of available accessories ensure a vibrant, streamlined work environment

    • Two Person Corner Cluster - 2 Screen
    • Various Melamine Colour Options
    • Various Fabric Colour Options
    • White Powdercoat