Spanform + 30 Series Multi-Person Workstations

Precept Design's Spanform series provides a space-saving solution for your office floor. Ideal for open-plan offices, our cluster desks office furniture is compact and versatile, while still providing ample privacy with the addition of low profile screens to each edge. This flexible multi person workstation fosters a collaborative environment while maintaining well-defined boundaries between one desk and another.

Practical, modern and clean - Spanform will add subtle status to your office with its modern 50x50mm square leg design. The Spanform+30 Series Workstation system with its fine, minimalistic lines, ensure your teams can work efficiently all day, every day. The Satin White powder coat finish will brighten any workspace. With accessories available to organise your desk in a moment you can ensure that everything on your desk has a place.

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Spanform + 30 cluster desks

Modular Desk Clusters for Varied Floor Plans

Our Spanform + 30 desk clusters are modular, flexible and therefore, can fit varied floor plans. We offer it in a range of finishes and configurations, from single corner clusters to straight desks of various lengths and orientations.

All of our Spanform multi person desks feature a uniform height and style, allowing you to mix and match them according to your needs. You can use them to create a small corner office or fill the floor to accommodate your entire workforce — its minimalist, modular design allows you to arrange your corporate spaces exactly how you want it.

A Functional Multi Person Desk

Spanform are highly functional, multi person desks. Its durable, solid design is robust enough to withstand daily use, and its powder coat finish allows for easy of cleaning and minimal maintenance.

The addition of screens on select edges of the desks minimises distraction and provides ample privacy. Workers are free to interact and collaborate with each other, while the screens give them a space of their own.

Spanform was designed to fit into virtually any space, and is a highly functional and versatile choice for both small and large offices.