Cost Effective Modular Office Furniture

Cost Effective Modular Office Furniture

September 2016

Modular office furniture is the ultimate choice, giving you the flexibility to adjust and add onto your existing layout to accommodate your changing needs.

If you’re looking for Workstation Clusters, office desks, reception counters, storage, meeting tables, or ergonomic seating, we can help!

Take the guesswork out of your workstation/Office layout by going to our ‘Workstation Cluster’ section of the website. These Cost-Effective Workstation clusters include worktops, screens, frames and all the brackets required to assemble complete configurations from single desks to Six-Person Layouts. These clusters can be combined to create multiple variations.

Precept’s cost-effective modules enable faster, easier and more efficient customisation of standard products to suit your unique needs, as well as permitting future layout changes and additions. This provides flexibility in use – something we believe is extremely important as the way our customers use products can change significantly over time.